What to do

We understand that there are circumstances that mean you can no longer look after your dog - its a hard and trying time.

Unfortunately Staffy Rescue does not accept private surrenders.


This was a decision made by the board several years ago when we found ourselves inundated with requests. They made the decision that we would concentrate on saving bull breeds on death row in the pounds and sadly there are more than enough to keep us very busy.

There are other rescues such as AWL Animal Welfare League, Staffies United and The Animal Adoption Agency in Penrith that do take on private surrenders but you would have to contact them to see if they have any available room.

If you need temporary support looking after your pets due to domestic violence, prison, illness, relationship breakdown or homelessness, try Paws & Recover.

Not in NSW and looking for a local rescue - try the Pet Rescue Directory.