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Empower yourself by empowering others -
get your company on board.


Staffy Rescue is always keen to work with companies that are passionate about helping dogs!

How you can help

  • Donate money so we can ensure the shelter stays open

  • Donate your time and volunteer

  • Donate towels, toys, food for the dogs

We also offer tiered sponsorship programs:
We produce a promo of the donation.
We would name a kennel after you.
Send you a gift pack.
We would promote your company every quarter for 1 year on FB & Instagram.
We would name a kennel after you.
Send you a gift pack.
We would promote your business every month on FB & Instagram for 1 year.
We would name a kennel AND a compound after you.
Send you a gift pack.
A gift pack would include - calendar, tote bag and certificate.
A kennel is where our dogs sleep and spend time when not in the day runs.
They are vital to our organisation and cost approximately $1,300 each and we get them from
Carrington Kennels -


You can use our logo to use on your website,
FB, Instagram or print collateral.

If you need these or anything else, just email here

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