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why is this important now?

Staffy Rescue is run by volunteers and the money we get in goes straight to helping these dogs, whether its vet bills, food, toys as well as the rent the premises.

With these constant bills, we want to find a way to generate consistent revenue. The property we have found has an establish boarding business that will ensure we can run the charity.

Why do you need so much money?

We actually need more, but this dream is massive so we are starting here. $100,000 will mean we can put a deposit on the property that is over $2 million.

Who is going to lend you money?

We have met with several financial institutions and they have agreed to help us with a loan, as long as we can come up with a substantial deposit and provide a business plan - which we have put together.

Why do you want a property now?

Because we are sick of having to move and that is delaying progress with the dogs.

Why dont you use foster carers?

Some of our experienced volunteers will take dogs into their homes, but because we take on dogs that have come from some pretty horrific situations, we need to keep them on premises with people who are qualified to work with them. 

Our manager is a qualified vet nurse and dog assessor, we also use a professional dog trainer and behaviourist to work with the dogs. We have people studying NDTF too that volunteer with us.

Will you be using this money to pay people?

No, we are purely volunteer run, not even our Kennel Manager is paid. She works full time plus runs this place.

We would eventually like to pay people as staff.

Why cant you stay where you are?

We can and keep living week to week, not knowing if we will have enough money for rent, or vet bills or feed the dogs or take more in. What we'd rather do is create a secure and sustainable future.

Where does the money that's donated now go?

To everything - vet bills, food, medication, bedding, fencing, rent, maintenance, equipment, bills like water and electricity. The list goes on.​ None of the people here get paid, it all goes to running the shelter.

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