The Desperate Plight of Pound Dogs

Every year tens of thousands of dogs end up in pounds and shelters around Australia. Some of them make it home to their families, others are fortunate enough to be adopted but many thousands more end their lives at the pound.


In NSW if they are micro-chipped dogs are given 14 days to find a home. If not micro-chipped, they get only seven days. If the dog is surrendered to the pound, they might only live a couple more days.


Sadly, the last thing tens of thousands of dogs see is a cold and stark room where they enter alive and exit in body bags – spending their last days in fear and anxiety.

What is Staffy Rescue?

Staffy Rescue is a registered animal welfare charity committed to trying to save and rehome as many Staffordshire bull terriers and larger breed dogs as possible. Staffy Rescue rescues dogs from death row at pounds across NSW and kennels them at our shelter in north western Sydney.


Staffy Rescue is a No Kill rescue, which means that every dog rescued from the pound is loved and cared for no matter how long it takes for them to find their forever home.

Staffy Rescue is supported by a team of dedicated volunteers and relies on donations to run.


We pay all the costs of caring for and rehabilitating the dogs, including Veterinarian fees which can be substantial. 

All dogs are desexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and lifetime registered in NSW. They are also treated with preventatives for fleas (monthly), intestinal worms (quarterly) and heartworm (annual injection).


Just as importantly the dogs are nurtured and well fed, they are exercised and take part in training and walks at the shelter and receive heaps of affection.

Unfortunately Staffy Rescue does not accept private surrenders.


This was a decision made by the board several years ago when we found ourselves inundated with requests. They made the decision that we would concentrate on saving bull breeds on death row in the pounds and sadly there are more than enough to keep us very busy.

There are other rescues that can help and you can find details about on our resources page.